pengu® swimwear is a young company founded in Troisdorf on February 2018.

Our goal is to develop swimsuits and accessories exclusively for the female swimmer and to offer them online. Our motto: Functional, comfortable, qualitative and modern:

"Not only sporty in the water but also fashionable on the edge of the pool."

The swimsuits are made in the EU from the manufacture of fabrics in Italy to our production, a family business specializing in sportswear in Poland.

In terms of sustainability and resource conservation, we comply with small transport routes and deliver our products free of plastic. Hence we use e.g. natural paper cartons and paper tape as well as other printed matter from a sustainable ecological printing company. Each swimsuit is also packaged in our exclusive pengu® bag. These bags are reusable e.g. for the wet pengu suit, because the stylish lightweight bags are waterproof up to six hours. The cases may also be used for other purposes e.g. be used for cosmetics or pens etc. With regularly changing slogans a real collector's item.

We rely on the proximity to our customers and look forward to suggestions, criticism but also praise, in order to respond to wishes and ideas.

Have fun with your pengu®

Your pengu® team